The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 208: Knuck Spanx (DS9 S2E11)


When the probability on DS9 gets out of whack, a new gambling hall across from Quark’s Bar may be to blame. But when O’Brien and Keiko start getting along, THAT’s the point when the crew becomes suspicious. How many liters of Odo are there? Does O'Brien prefer to play with himself? Where’s the knuck? It’s the episode that’s a real weird bit of business.

The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 207: One Horn Player Does Not Make an Artist Community (DS9 S2E10)


When frumpy refugees come through the hole, Kira has to stop finishing Sisko’s sandwich. But when the houseguests start threatening to extend their stay, Bajor is confronted with a potential avalanche of skin flakes. Is an opaque door the only thing that will get Adam and Ben back into square jobs? !s the hotel discount at Se7enCon a good deal? Is “hey, you like hip-hop?” an effective pickup line? It’s the episode that might need to get a referral to a specialist.

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 206: They Went to Jake Clips (DS9 S2E9)


On the anniversary of a significant event in Federation history, Sisko falls for a woman who keeps ghosting him. But after an awkward conversation at a dinner party, their fantasy romance goes nova. Is Jennifer Sisko reanimated, somewhere? Could a marriage be a “correctable situation”? Why doesn’t anyone want to take shore leave on DS9? It’s the episode where one of the hosts is still numb!

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 205: The Canoe Has Ridges (DS9 S2E8)


When Quark finds himself in a real film noir situation, it jogs memories with very muted colors for Odo. But when the case connects to events from the past, the sets get even smokier. Did Bajoran jewelers ever go through a modernist design period? What is Rom ever even doing? Are the Siskos being written off the show? It’s the episode where we goo through all the doors.

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The Greatest Generation Ep 204: Slickback Emeritus (DS9 S2E7)


When Quark brokers a deal with someone who has a severe case of “bad guy face,” he needs help from a coworker. But when Rom discovers what she’s been hiding under her bed, it forces Quark to choose between his moral and legal codes. Why does the promenade close? What’s the best pretzel in the game? Is Morn is a hobo? It’s the episode that recounts our frequent history of make-out erasure!

The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 203: Chekhov’s Nose (DS9 S2E6)


When Dr. Bashir tries to give a new ensign “The Brahms Treatment,” he actually manages to charm her. But when she and Dax are taken hostage with Quark, she briefly turns her weakness into a strength. What’s the worst bodily substance in microgravity? Has Dax just been jackin’ it for the last 150 years? How does science work? It’s the episode that retrofits as much of the podcast as possible for ADA compliance.


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Inside Pop Ep. 116- RuPaul's Drag Race, Deadpool 2 Trailer, Lena Waithe in Vanity Fair

Inside Pop

We have more pop culture stuffed into this episode than RuPaul has catchphrases. Almost!

This week we sashay our way into the world of RuPaul's Drag Race. We discuss the show's increasing popularity and shed some light on the surprising demographic that has made the show bigger than ever after ten seasons on the air.

Then, we react to the new Deadpool 2 trailer  - Amita's here for the humor and action; Sean's here for the MCU's first openly bisexual hero (and the ensuant fantasies he provokes).

Plus, we preview the new Vanity Fair profile of writer/producer/actor Lena Waithe and discuss what her current success says (or doesn't say) about the future of Hollywood.

And it's a musical Big Sell as Sean sees Amita's Kali Uchis Sell and raises her one Leon Bridges.

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 202: Lennying It to Death (DS9 S2E5)


When a Cardassian boy bites Garak, it’s hard to blame him. But when Sisko and Bashir investigate further, their digging into the child’s profile reveals some troubling facts w/r/t the "warphanages" on Bajor. Is the costume department “hattero-normative”? Does Gul Dukat watch the show? Are those Nilla Wafers? It’s the episode that thinks things are bathrooms that aren’t bathrooms!

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 201: We Get Worse in Both Directions (DS9 S2E4)


When Quark prays for bandits to take over the station, he gets more than a sticky gym sock. But when they come for Jadzia’s ankylosaur (anklyosaur?), the crew has to make fists with more than their toes. Are these Klingons seeking the right thing? How much are they charging these days at Vulcan supercuts? Are there any good tricks for finding Mareel’s loaf? It’s the episode where we trade honey sticks for latinum.

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The Greatest Generation DS9 Ep 200: Limp Swagger (DS9 S2E3)


When the Bajorans seek to occupy Deep Space Nine, they arrive to find it nearly deserted. But when Sisko trusts the wrong messenger with the true nature of the coup, it’s up to his scrappy band of Jeffries tube rebels to fight off a legion of corduroy catbasket-clad soldiers before time runs out. What’s the first thing you should do after unboxing a RealSisko™? Who brings a guitar to a campout? Is Morn smart or dumb? It’s the episode that questions our own heroism!

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