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One Bad Mother, Episode 247: Witnessing Crushing Disappointment

One Bad Mother

Biz and Theresa talk about how hard it is to watch our children deal with big disappointments, like missing their first sleepover because they’re sick! Not only do we want to comfort them, it also brings up our own crushing memories… “Mama! Why did you not buy me those Monkees tickets!!! WHY!!!??” The good news is this feels like a parenting situation we can handle. If we survived, it probably means our kids will too (…unless it’s Monkees tickets). Plus, Biz wonders if it’s real and Theresa is in a hell of her own making. Eek! This is not our most uplifting episode! But, we’re getting really good at this.

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Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (
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Friendly Fire Ep 11: Enemy at the Gates

Friendly Fire

Enemy at the Gates: Is this film about the legendary rise of Vassili Zaitsev or is it just another Hollywood romance job? On today's episode Adam, Ben, and John scope out the many talking points of the Eastern Front while persuading each other with bacon and chocolate bars.

This film is available via:

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Next film, MASH, is available via:

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Heal And Learn It Up! (Brene Brown, Daring Greatly, Austin Bombings, Cynthia Nixon, National School Walkout)

MK Logo
Minority Korner

Is Nasty Nubbin a good nick name? Couple of discoveries at the start of the show: James' beat boxing skills, and Nnekay has bars! Are the wonder twins good at these respective skills? Jury is out. Next up- Miranda is running for New York Governor?! That's right Cynthia Nixon best known as Miranda from Sex In The City is running for Governor of New York. Let's unpack it! Nnekay gives a boots on the grown account of the National School Walkout at her job. James and Nnekay are both in awe and look forward to the March For Our Lives coming up. In James' korner- he is so excited to share the information he learned from Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly- which covers tactics on overcoming shame through debunking myths on being vulnerable and a few takeaways to live your life fully. In Nnekay's korner- she addresses the package bombs that have been terrorizing Texas Capital, Austin. Why they haven't been in the news media, who they are effecting, how the victims and suspect have been portrayed, and what it means to actually be a domestic terrorist. Don't forget to tune in to Maximum Fun Shows during April 2nd when MaxFunDrive kicks off!!


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Tights and Fights Ep. 83: Welcome back, Daniel Bryan!

Hal, Danielle and Lindsey
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Lindsey Kelk

The leader of the “Yes Movement” is back!

Daniel Bryan became one of the most beloved stars of WWE throughout 2013 on the road to WrestleMania XXX. But, two years ago Daniel Bryan was forced to retire at the peak of his career and ability.

Now’s he’s officially been cleared to compete by a number of neurologist. And as exciting as it is to see him back doing what he does best… it’s understandable to be nervous. The Nation of Conversation breaks down how they’re feeling now that Daniel is officially back and how WWE can balance showing off one of their best wrestlers with keeping him safe.

And the Nation is heavily divided on the Ultimate Deletion between Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Was it the pinnacle of the Hardy Compound series, a fun lark that didn’t live up to its predecessors or a terrible use of the final segment of RAW?

Plus, Brock Lesnar finally showed up to confront and beatdown Roman Reigns before their Universal Title match at WrestleMania. The team is unanimously onboard with the match… but there’s a definite disconnect between the story and the audience.

All this, plus some thoughts on Mark Henry entering the Hall of Fame, who Braun Strowman’s WrestleMania partner could be and the value in supporting the people you love.

Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Lindsey Kelk

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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Story Break #49: Kirby ft. Ashly Burch

Story Break
Ashly Burch

This week the team is joined by voice-actress-extraordinaire Ashly Burch to break the story behind the everyone's favorite living vacuum cleaner, Kirby!

The Adventure Zone: Dust - Episode 4


Sunlight creeps over the horizon. The Graysons are one big break away from cracking their case wide open -- but will they find their quarry before Dry River wakes up? Augustus does some spectral recon. Gandy cracks open a dangerous tome. Errol angers a friend.

Wonderful! Ep. 26: A Stoplight of Eagles


Griffin's favorite fictional weapon! Rachel's favorite educational initiative in March! Griffin's favorite inefficient animal categorization method! Rachel's favorite app for keeping in touch with friends!

Music: "Money Won't Pay" by bo en and Augustus -

Rescuing Raptors In Mammoth!


Hey Buddies! This week we travel up north to Mammoth Mountain on a quest for off roading adventures. We run into all kinds of fun folks including one stuck in the snow who needs Ben's wench!

See pics and videos all about it on our gram!

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EP26: Jack Davey on Digable Planets' "Reachin'"

Heat Rocks
Jack Davey

The album: Digable Planets: Reachin' (1993)

Miss Jack Davey's contribution to LA's alternative soul scene began over a decade ago with her work as one half of the group J*Davey. Their debut project, "The Beauty In Distortion" a mix of punk, funk, synth and soul, was a must have for tastemakers and made a splash both in Los Angeles and around the world. When she's not writing songs and producing, she can be found at a myriad of cool spots around the city, spreading the good news of good music as a DJ and selector.
Davey wanted to get into Digable Planets' debut album, now celebrating its 25th anniversaryReachin' (a new refutation of time and space). Coming out at the height of hip-hop's love affair with jazz, Reachin' has been lauded as "an album about freedom—from convention, from oppression, from the limits imposed by the space-time continuum."
We had a chance to talk with Davey about Digable Planets' "Rebirth of Slick" and its cool factor, Brooklyn and its relationship to the album, Ladybug Mecca's butter voice, and what's it's like to be cool and not know it.

More on Reachin'

More on Jack Davey and J*Davey

Show Tracklisting (all songs from Reachin' unless indicated otherwise):

  • “Rebirth of Slick”
  • Georgia Anne Muldrow: Olesi: Fragments of an Earth “Wrong Way”
  • Sy Smith: The Syberspace Social “Aquarius Rising”
  • Sa-Ra: The Hollywood Recordings “Glorious”
  • Flying Lotus: Los Angeles “Roberta Flack (Feat Dolly)”
  • Dam-Funk: Toeachizown “Searching 4 Funk’s Future”
  • J*Davey: The Beauty in Distortion / The Land of the Lost “No More”
  • “La Femme Fetal”
  • Guru: Jazzmatazz “Loungin’”
  • Young Deciples: Road To Freedom “As We Come (To Be)”
  • “Jimmi Diggin Cats”
  • Digable Planets: Blowout Comb “Graffiti”
  • “Where I’m From”
  • Fugees: The Score “Fu-Gee-La”
  • UTD: Manifest Destiny “Manifest Destiny”
  • “What Cool Breezes Do”
  • “Last of the Spiddyocks”
  • “Swoon Units”
  • “Escapism (Getting Free)”
  • “Nickel Bags”
  • E-40: My Ghetto Report Card “Yay Area”
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